MUST/Gulf Medical University scientific agreement

MUST/Gulf Medical University scientific agreement

As an inevitable result of the development and modernization movement that took place at Souad Kafafi University Hospital, which promoted the Faculty of Medicine, Misr University of Science and Technology, and made it one of the most prestigious colleges in the Arab world, the scientific cooperation agreement between MUST ( Misr University for Science and Technology) and Gulf Medical University.

The agreement has been signed by Prof. Mohammad Al Azzazy, President of the University on behalf of Chancellor, Mr. Khalid Al-Tukhi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and from the UAE side Prof. Dr.. Hossam Hamdy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Gulf Medical University.

Based on this agreement, medical students will be received from Gulf Medical University for clinical training at Souad Kafafi Hospital.

The delegation of the Gulf Medical University on their visit to the hospital was received by Prof. Dr. Amr Bastawisy, Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery, General Director and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine for Clinical Affairs, Prof. Dr. Nihad Al-Mahboub Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs and Prof. Dr.. Fawzia Abulfatouh Professor of Anesthesiology and Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research and Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Reda, Professor of Surgery and Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs and Community Service.

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